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How should I store my Get Sprinkled stash? Store your stash in a cool + dry area - like your pantry. Keep your sprinkles out of the fridge and out of direct sunlight. Always remember to ensure the lid is closed correctly for freshness!

Do my sprinkles have a best before date? Yes, all sprinkles are sold with a BB date sticker on the bottom of the jar. It is approx 18 months from manufacture/packaging date.

Do you ship world wide? We currently ship to Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, United States and Canada. WOO HOO! Lets take these sprinkles world wide! 

Can you create a custom blend? At the moment we are not creating custom orders. We will be bringing this option back in the future so stay tuned!

Are your sprinkles vegan, gluten free, dairy free? Please check out our vegan range by clicking Vegan Sprinkles from the menu. Each listing in this collection will advise whether a product is also gluten free or not.

Are your products available for wholesale purchases and re-selling? Yes we have finally decided to bring wholesale back on board. If you are interested in stocking GS in your store please shoot us an email at - Include your name, some information on your business including your ABN and your location details.

We are ready for wholesale!

If you're chasing some amazing sprinkles to stock in your shop, we are so excited to annouce WE ARE READY!

Please send us an email introducing yourself, information on your business, location and contact details!We can't wait to hear from you!