The GS gals

Hi, we are Carly & Tess and this is us just kicking major small business goals at our very first cake baking & decorating expo.

How did GS start, you ask? Well, Carly & I have been besties for over 19 years. Carly is an amazing cake baker and decorater (check out her biz "The Sweet Spoon Cakes & Cupcakes Yamba") and after noticing a lack of beautiful sprinkles, we decided to create Get Sprinkled.

Get Sprinkled is a small business that aims to provide over the top and edible sprinkle blends for your baking decorations! We aim to be affordable, unique and provide quality sprinkles to keep our customers 100% satisfied and coming back for more. We strive to release new blends every month, sometimes even every week (our PB is over 26 new deluxe blends in one week!) and we do our best to keep up with the current trends. However, if we are missing something that you need, just shoot us an email. We LOVE to create custom blends to suit your needs.

Now it felt weird trying to describe ourselves for you.. So we asked each other to write a little paragraph about the other, to help you get to know the kind of sprinkle gal pals you are dealing with on the daily!

"Carly is a wife, a mother, a daughter, an aunty, a business owner and a bestie. She is kind, compassionate and fiercely loyal and protective of those she loves. She is dedicated and driven, and works harder than anyone I know. She loves to spend her spare time (limited as it is) with her family - without a doubt that is her favourite thing to do. Carly gives without the expectation of anything in return and reminds us everyday of how amazing she is. Most of all she is just full of sarcastic jokes and sassy attitude".

"Tess..I don’t even know where to start when it comes to this gal. 19 years of friendship, she’s the kinda girl you can talk to without any judgement. She loves hard & is the one who’s always there, she is an incredibly hard worker & has become the successful girl she is today all on her own #BOSSBABE she’s a list girl, she’s dedicated and driven & an incredible friend to all those around her. BUTTTT she’s also the biggest smart arse I know, ha! She knows it too.. Shes always got something to say & will say it (whether you want to hear it or not haha) she’s a family girl, always goes out of her way for you & extremely compassionate. She’s always got your back regardless of the situation, Everyone needs a gal like her in their life 🌟”

We hope that getting to know your sprinkle squad has made your day a little brighter.

Watch this space - We have SO much more to bring you and we know you are going to LOVE it !!

Love, the GS gals xx