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Shipping Notice : Now only shipping Mondays & Thursdays!


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110g Jar 

Sprinkle Sizing: Our sprinkles range in size from 2mm upto 14mm. Please be aware of this when decorating cakes. We recommend removing the larger sized sprinkles prior to consumption as they are sugar filled and quite hard to bite. 

Glitter Pearls: Glitter Pearls are 15mm in diameter with a hard sugary center & covered in edible shimmer & glitter. They are best used for decoration, however if consumed in the presence of an adult at all times. There is no gaurantee as to how many Glitter Pearls you will receive in each jar as the jars are packaged through a machine and not individually. Should you require an exact number of Glitter Pearls for your decorating then please note you can buy them separately under the 'Glitter Pearls' menu.

Packaging: Our sprinkles come in our plastic jars. Keep your sprinkles fresh by ensuring the lid is resealed correctly every time. Be sure to repurpose your jar once you have used all your new sprinkles!

Best Before: Approx. 2 years BB date on the bottom of each jar. 

Care: Keep your sprinkles in a cool dry spot out of sunlight. Sprinkles will lose their colour if not stored correctly for long periods of time

Allergy Advice: Sprinkles may contain Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Trace amounts of Eggs & Nuts. 

Sprinkles can present a CHOKING HAZARD and are not suitable for children under 3 years of age without parental supervision. We recommend removing all larger sprinkles from your cake before consuming. 


Please remember that due to variations in your viewing devices + monitors, sprinkle colours may vary slightly.

Sprinkles are packaged in Australia from Australian & Imported ingredients (from countries such as USA, Greece, China, UK.)