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Rust Lustre Dust

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Our brownish red Rust colour is such a beautiful vintage hue. Ready to decorate your cookies & cakes!

Dust dry for a shimmery shine or add a few drops of rose spirit to turn your dust into a stunning edible paint. 

Our Rust Lustre dust is Vegan & Halal friendly.

Please remember that due to variations in your viewing devices + monitors, sprinkle colours may vary.

Packaging: Our lustres come in our brand new plastic jars. Keep your dusts fresh by ensuring the lid is resealed correctly every time. Be sure to repurpose your jar once you have used all your new pigment!
Best Before: Please see the best before date on the bottom of your sprinkle jar
Care: Keep your dust in a cool dry spot out of sunlight. 

Dusts are packaged in Australia from Australian & Imported ingredients (from countries such as USA, Greece, China, UK.)